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dotGo 2014 - Andrew Gerrand - 5 things I love

Andrew Gerrand is a Googler and worked for Go. I watched this video just to learn English but it was good that he was describing Go's feature very well.


Golang UK Conference 2015 - Andrew Gerrand - Stupid Gopher Tricks

Another Andrew's talk. Slide


Twelve Go Best Practices - Francesc Campoy

Francesc Campoy is also a Googler and worked for Go. Best practices from Googler is worth to read. Slide


#163: Go in the Modern Enterprise Using gokit with Peter Bourgon - The Changelog

Go kit is a framework for microservices, Gokit has features to help microservices such as circuit breakers, rate limiter, request tracing, etc... The guest Peter Bourgon used to work for Soundcloud which uses Go so much.