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Building Vagrant box from VirtualBox OVF


I realized that Packer can build Vagrant box from VirtualBox OVF file not only from ISO image. Building Vagrant box takes much time to run an installer so I'm very happy to skip the step.

I created Ansible installed Vagrant box from another box to try.

  1. Run 'vagrant box add oinume/ubuntu-14.04-jp'
  2. Downloaded box is stored in ~/.vagrant.d/boxes/oinume-VAGRANTSLASH-ubuntu-14.04-jp/1.0.1/virtualbox and box.ovf is in the directory.
  3. Specify the path of .ovf like below in template.json and run 'packer build template.json'
  4. 'ubuntu-14-04-x64-jp-ansible-virtualbox.box' created.

Ansible: Up and Running

Ansible: Up and Running