oinume journal

Scratchpad of what I learned

Review on Jan 2020

What I did on Jan 2020

  • Got flu on the beginning of this year...
  • Went to GoDays 2020 in Berlin!
    • Went to Warsaw as a persona trip
  • Work, work, work


Wrote a blog post about GitHub Actions.


6 hours 50 min.

  • 1st week: many sleep hours but less deep sleep because of flu
  • 2nd week: OK
  • 3rd week: few sleep hours because of jet lag
  • 4th week: OK

Algorithms and datastructures

No progress...


  • Had 4 lessons in DMMEikaiwa
  • Learned new words with iKnow on almost every day
  • English chat lunch once every week
    • This is supported by my company, having a lunch with 4 people. This is very good to listen live English.
  • This blog post!